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Lower your monthly payments
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Consolidate your debts and have a fresh start
Your high interest debt will become a distant memory and you will enjoy significant savings with your one new low payment. Click to read more about how home mortgage refinancing can consolidate your debt.

Get cash out from your home or investment property
We will show you how to best use the equity in your home to satisfy your current needs. Click to find out more about your options to refinance mortgages on the various types of properties you may own.

Prevent your payment from adjusting upward
We will get your new, low monthly payment locked in so you can have peace of mind. Click to see how locking your new low rate with one of our exclusive home mortgage refinance programs can improve your cash flow and drastically improve your quality of life.

Mortgage Refinancing Basics

Mortgage refinancing is a valuable option for homeowners who want to lower their monthly payments, reduce the amount of interest on their current mortgage, or get access to extra cash. With mortgage refinancing, the borrower essentially pays off a preexisting mortgage with a new, more favorable loan, taking advantage of term renegotiation and lower interest rates. For those that have built up enough equity in their homes, mortgage refinancing can also be a way to put cash-in-hand for home improvement projects, pay off high interest credit cards or other expenses. Even if you've had financial difficulties in the past, it's worth spending a few minutes to asses your options and the potentially lifestyle changing benefits of mortgage refinancing.

When to consider refinancing

Struggling with high monthly payments?
If mortgage payments are looming over your monthly budget, refinancing can help. There are many options you can chose from in order to relieve the stress of high monthly payments:

  • Switch from a high-interest ARM loan to a lower interest, fixed-rate loan
  • Take advantage of declining rates and refinance your mortgage with another, low interest loan
  • Lengthen the term of your loan and immediately lower your monthly payments.
Need cash now?
If you have equity in your current home, you can refinance for a larger principal than your remaining mortgage and use the difference to pay for any number of expenses. This type of refinancing, called "cash-out" refinancing, can be used for:

  • Home renovations
  • College tuition
  • Car payments
  • Or to pay off high-interest credit card debt

Would you just like to save thousands of dollars?
Even if you aren't struggling with your mortgage payments or currently in need of extra cash, you can still take advantage of nationally lower interest rates or renegotiate the term of your loan and potentially save thousands of dollars in interest!

  • Interest rates are now extremely low
  • Quickly reduce your monthly mortgage payments
  • Your new low payment can free up funds for a better quality of life for you and your family

Mortgage Refinancing Benefits

No matter what your current financial situation is, anyone can potentially take advantage of the numerous benefits of mortgage refinancing. With refinancing you can:

  • Lower you monthly payments
  • Use your home equity to get extra cash now
  • Swap high-interest credit-card debt for a lower-interest loan
  • Adjust the term of your loan and get on the fast track to owning your home outright
Since the benefits of refinancing are based on the terms and conditions of your individual loans, take a minute to fill out our quick approval form and find out how you can personally benefit from refinancing your mortgage today.
See how much you can save now!

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Here's what our satisfied clients have to say...

"Without your help, my husband and I might have lost our home due to a significant loss of income. We owe the roof above our heads to your company and mortgage refinancing. Now we don't have to forego retirement and can spend more time with our family."
Howie and Jane Burton –Sparta, NJ

"I couldn't believe that I got to live in my Florida home without worrying about my mortgage . MortgageRefinancing.com was essential in making my dream possible. Although I only live there for part of year, I enjoy this house more than any I've owned. I got such a great deal, and now feel I can really afford it. I rarely do this, but I had to tell you know how impressive and professional your service was during every step in the process."
M. Wortham –Santa Rosa, CA

"My wife and I recently closed on our summer retreat in Southwest Florida. Unfortunately, our mortgage was more than we could afford, so we decided to contact MortgageRefinancing.com for help. From the beginning, your company was very pro-active and exhibited a professional attitude all the way. You quickly assessed our financial needs, determined the right lender for us, and negotiated a highly favorable loan with a substantially lower interest rate and better terms than I thought possible. Everything was very easy, and I have no hesitation recommending you to friends and family. Without you, our dream of owning a beautiful home in Florida could never have become a reality."
James L. Anderson –Akron, OH

"I just want to thank you so much for helping us with refinancing both our homes. Even over the phone, I trusted your company and knew you'd never let us down. Thank you for all your dedication and giving us the lowest rates possible. You now have two customers for life."
Michael Cunningway –Hartford, CT

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